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Application Tips

Post by Guest on Thu May 28, 2015 5:37 pm

Part 2 - Gameplay

8. What is your specialty? Here, explain what kind of map you think you specialize in (for example, snipers), and then explain why. 

Part 3 - Clans

21. If possible, list the links to your applications for those clans. List only the applications for the clans that require applications, duh.

Part 4 - sLay

22. Why do you want to join us? The longer, the better.

23. Why should we accept you? Convince us.

Part 5 - History/Personal

29. What do you remember about your history in PB2? It doesn't have to be perfect or too detailed, as long as it's your history and it's true.

30. What country are you in right now? What country are you from? For what country you are from, it's the one you where born in.

Part 6 - Ending

31. Do you expect to be with us for a long time? It would be good if you also explained why.

33. What branch are you applying for (you can only apply for one): Military, Map Developing or Politics? Make sure you meet the requirements for the branch you are applying for.

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