Requirements & Application Template

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Requirements & Application Template

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Here are the requirements for joining sLay.

Military Branch: 1000 kills + 1 KDr

Developing Branch: 4 LDr + Less than 7 Maps or 6 LDr

Politics Branch: One week of xat activity + 1 known clan member (specified member must confirm)

Application Template

Part 1 - Profile Statistics

1. Your PB2 main account username

2. Your PB2 profile's link

3. How many kills/deaths do you have?

4. What is your KDr and LDr?

5. How many predicted and regular player points do you have?

6. How many maps do you have?

7. How many rates does your three most popular maps have?

Part 2 - Gameplay

8. What is your specialty?

9. What server do you usually play on?

10. What's your average ping there?

11. How do you play in DM/TDM matches?

12. How do you play in COOP matches?

13. How do you play in 1v1s (you versus another person)?

14. What are your favorite maps? Why?

15. What do you describe as a good player?

16. What do you describe as a bad player?

17. Do you think you are a good, or a bad player?

Part 3 - Clans

18. What clans are you currently in?

19. What clans have you been in before?

20. Why did you leave your past clans?

21. If possible, list the links to your applications for those clans.

Part 4 - sLay

22. Why do you want to join us?

23. Why should we accept you?

24. What made you come to us?

25. Who recruited you? If not recruited, how did you find us?

26. What members in the clan do you know?

27. Who is the leader of sLay?

Part 5 - History/Personal

28. When and how did you start playing PB2?

29. What do you remember about your history in PB2?

30. What country are you in right now? What country are you from?

Part 6 - Ending

31. Do you expect to be with us for a long time?

32. Any extra comments/concerns?

33. What branch are you applying for (you can only apply for one): Military, Map Developing or Politics?

Remember that if you get denied, you must wait a week before you can apply again. Applying before that will result in a insta-deny.
See the Help forum for tips.

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